1. Some people have asked why I wear my key tags everywhere I go. They generally don’t say it like I’m doing anything wrong, but they don’t understand why I display my recovery so blatantly.

    The answer is simple:
    1. Because I’m damn proud of my recovery. On august 22, 2012 I made a decision to remain clean from all mind altering substances. Since that day I haven’t had a drink of alcohol, a hit of weed or any other drug. I used to smoke meth, snort Xanax bars, drink till I blacked out. I lied, cheated and stole until I got what I needed; that next fix. I was homeless, hopeless and helpless. I was incapable of loving myself or anyone else. Since then I’ve gone back to school and am only 9 credits from a transferable degree toward my chosen career path, I’m a self supporting member of society and have found the woman I’m going to marry.
    2. I wear my key tags as a flag for recovery. To show anyone who wants to know that recovery is possible. Today I was approached by a man who wanted to know how I did it. I told him to find me at tomorrow night’s meeting and find out for himself. If my key tags, worn proudly, can show one person that recovery is possible, it’s worth every second of clean time that it took to earn them.

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